Healthy Grandfamilies is a free initiative led by West Virginia State University to provide information and resources to grandparents who are raising one or more grandchildren. Designed as a series of nine discussion sessions and follow-up services, Healthy Grandfamilies is taught by an education professional with more than 40 years of experience who also happens to be the product of a grandfamily.

Each session provides valuable resources along with childcare for attendees and refreshments. Upon completion of the program, participants will receive a certificate of completion, a gift card and three months of follow-up services with a Licensed Social Worker.

Discussion Session Overview
• Parenting in the 21st Century
• Family Relationships: A new dynamic
• Communication: When no one talks and everyone texts
• Technology & Social Media: The dangers, pitfalls & plusses
• Nutrition: Balancing diets when everyone is “on the go”
• Legal Issues & Documents: Getting past all the legal issues to learn “who is really in charge”
• Health Literacy & Self-Care: How to take care of your own health issues in this new family dynamic
• Healthy Lifestyles & Stress Management: Learn how to manage your stress — and the stress of your grandchildren
• Negotiating the Public School System: Learn about Parent Teacher Organizations (PTO) and how to help your grandchildren with homework

Follow-Up Services

Upon completing the session series, participants are provided three months of free follow-up services with a Licensed Social Worker with more than six years of experience working with children and families, including grandfamilies. Services include:

• Help locating community resources
• Confidential assistance in meeting the unique needs of your family situation
• Advocacy services as needed